How You Can Help Protect Your Kids at School

School should be the safest place to send your kids away from home. You entrust the teachers and the administrators will care for your child if they are ever sick, hurt, or in danger. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents or tragedies can occur at school when you’re not there to protect your child.

So how do you protect your kids when they’re away from you every day at school? Although it might feel like you’re completely out of control, there are actually a few things you can do to keep your kid safe.

Confirm Your Child’s Records are Up to Date

Remember all that seemingly endless paperwork that you filled out at the beginning of the school year? It serves a very important purpose: to ensure your kid’s safety at all times when he or she is at school. Not only do you need to ensure that you’ve filled out your address correctly as well as your contact information, you also need to make sure that you list any emergency contacts or if they’re allergic to any food items or medications.

Be Aware of School Policies

Poring over school policies may not sound like the most exciting way to spend an evening or two, but it’s crucially important that you’re aware of safety procedures and any other rules that are in place to keep your child safe.

Go over the important school policies with your child at the beginning of every school year to refresh their memory (as well as yours). Talk to them about the importance of listening to their teacher and following the rules.

Talk to your Kids about Safety at School

You may not be able to be with them everywhere, but you can send a little piece of your guidance along with them every day. Be open and honest with your kids about staying safe at school. Tell them to notify teachers if they see something that doesn’t seem right and teach them the importance of listening to the principals and teachers during an emergency.

If there is an emergency at your child’s school, have your own personal plan that the two of you discuss.

Be Familiar with their Teachers

Parent-teacher conferences are important to discuss grades and how your kid is doing academically and socially at school, but they are also crucial to getting to know your child’s teacher. It’s also a great opportunity to ask about safety procedures in case of an emergency. Your child’s teacher will likely reassure you that they have plans in place for everything, but it’s also good to know if there is anything lacking that you could bring up at a PTA meeting.

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